In March 2018, the Rocky Mountain Field Institute (RMFI) received a $45,000 State Trails Planning Grant to initiate a formal public planning process for the Waldo Canyon Corridor. 

In July 2018, RMFI contracted with Tapis Associates to the lead the public planning process through June 2020. Through a series of public meetings, Waldo Canyon Roundtable meetings, and public outreach, the project seeks to develop a comprehensive plan for the entire Waldo Canyon Corridor including future public access and trailhead options, trail design and connectivity options, and other outdoor recreation opportunities.

Once the plan is completed, the U.S. Forest Service will utilize the plan's recommendations to help inform any NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) studies and assessments required for projects implemented on federal landscapes. Once the NEPA decision has been approved, RMFI and partners will seek to implement the preferred recommendations detailed in the plan as funding and approvals allow.


Please join the community as we engage in a public planning process to reimagine the future of Waldo Canyon. This planning process seeks to develop a set of recommendations that reflects the vision of the community while simultaneously considering new opportunities for outdoor recreation, access, safety, watershed protection, restoration, conservation, and trail connectivity.


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